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So you want a puppy?

Adding a puppy to your life is so exciting. Many of people that contact us have been waiting most of their adult life for the perfect time to add a puppy to their own little families. We try our very best to make sure we home our babies in the best home environments for them to be able to truly thrive.

I know it may feel annoying but asking questions is the best way for us to truly get to know you and where our babies will live out their glory days. We try not to deter you or make you feel like your dreams of one day owning a puppy are unreachable, because they're not! We just want to make sure that you are just as ready as your potential baby will be when they come home.

Some questions to ponder...

What is your main reason for wanting to add a puppy right now?

Timing is so important when adding a puppy to your life. If you are at that point in your life when things are settled, maybe you finally bought that house (Congrats!!) or your babies are old enough to help love a puppy (yay mom + dad!) or maybe you just got married and would like to add that special friend before those 2 legged babies (Congrats again!) Whatever your reason for adding a puppy to your life now is, we hope and pray it is the right time for you and your puppy. Puppies take TIME, and commitment. It's important to be ready with both of these in mind before sending out that deposit!

Are you emotionally stable to add a puppy?

I know this question may seem funny, but really, are you? Along with being super smart, super cute, and super sweet, puppies can sometimes be super frustrating. Just being real here. Just because they're frustrating doesn't mean they aren't worth it. We do not want you to have any issues with adopting a baby or one of our babies having issues bonding to you for that lack of patience, understanding, and grace they need from you. If you suffer from anxiety or possibly depression, a puppy can be a blessing or a curse to your pre-exsisting condition. We suggest if you haven't been around puppies much, especially corgis, that you find someone who will let you spend a day with them and their pup. To get a rough feel for what the emotional tole and immense GAIN from owning a puppy can be.

Are you responsible enough to have a puppy?

Will you be able to responsively take care of your new baby? If you had to leave suddenly and do something, would you be sure to put them in their crate before leaving? If not bye-bye shoes, hello yucky toxic trash! Are you responsible enough to feed and water daily, give any supplements desired to give (Nuvet is a great one!) walk, and of course love? It takes responsibility to own and raise a puppy. Make sure to consider you're ready and willing to take the best care of this addition!

Do you have a vet you are comfortable with?

Having a vet you trust to take care of your puppy is SO important. If you don't have a vet you have known through previous animals we highly suggest you take the time to meet the vets in your area and find one you trust to care for your sweet 4 legged addition!

Do you have any questions for your breeder? If so, please ask! Weather that breeder is us, or someone else. It is so important to be confident in who you are supporting when you purchase a puppy. Having a breeder who is willing to be open and honest, even when it hurts is so important... Examples being: puppy loss, false pregnancy, no puppies, not the color or gender you were waiting for in a litter. Make sure that you are supporting a breeder who truly cares about their dogs and a relationship with you.

Is your house ready for a puppy? Puppy proofing is a real thing! It sounds hilarious to say but bringing a puppy home sometimes is like setting a tornado loose in your home at times! Puppies are curious by nature its an endearing trait they have, but it can also be dangerous. Electric cords look fun, trash smells amazing, and dare I say it the water tastes best out of the toilet. Just ask them! It is important to make sure that your puppy can't chew on things they shouldn't, things that could harm them like electric cords. That your trash has a closed lid or your eye 98% of the time to ensure they aren't eating something they shouldn't be. The toilet water, well that's not so dangerous as just... well... you know gross. I love my dogs but I don't want those kisses! ;)

Do you have someone to check on your puppy during the day if you're working?

It is in your puppies best interest if you have to work, that you find them someone who can check on them during the day while you're gone. A neighbor, retired parent, or friend will easily do the trick. As long a its someone you trust. Your puppy will not be able to hold its bladder until about 6-7 months old. Of course every puppy is different and you will learn how long you can push your baby during the day. But if you're crate training the key to quick success is opportunity.

There are so many more questions to ask yourself before making that big step in adding a puppy! These are just a few to think about. We hope we got you thinking deeper about this today :)

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