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Dayne + Mikayla


Hey, we're Dayne and Mikayla! We live deep in the gorgeous Northern Michigan woods where we are adventurous all summer, hunt all fall, and relax while we love on our family all winter.

I was raised on a dariy farm so animals have always been a big part of my life. Growing up we had several dogs and I always loved the love, and beautiful chaos owning multiple dogs bring to a family.


I am a stay at home mom of our 2 daughters and our 2 sons; and of course I am a stay at home mom to all of our animals on the farm! Dayne and I work hard all spring and summer landscaping and beautifying the homes in our community. After designing and landscaping all spring, summer and most of the fall, we take a couple month break with our tribe while we patiently await spring to start putting in many hours designing and installing landscapes, alongside lambing and hours planting our large garden.

I am passionate about teaching our children and others about Jesus and sharing His love with others. Encouragement is my second language and I want you to win wherever you're feeling called.

The Lord has blessed us with the ability to further others lives with loving sidekicks and we don't take the responsibilty lightly. We pray that every animal sent home from Hydrangea Hills Farm lives a long and happy life with your beautiful families!

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