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Updated: August 6th 2023

Upcoming / Available

This is where you will find information about current and upcoming litters.

If you are interested in adopting one of our babies you can email me anytime to be added to our waiting list. Once we have been in contact we can set up a time to call if you would like to chat further.

*Please note*

Also communication is not immediate with me. I try my best to get back to new inquiries about waiting lists within a few days. My main priority is raising up children and providing excellent care for our dogs and litters. If your email goes over a week unanswered please send a text to schedule a time to call. I never want to make anyone feel unvalued or ignored. Our puppies are raised with extensive training and de-sensitization starting from 3 days old until 18 days old. With "puppy culture" training throughout, so when we have puppies on the ground our days are very busy giving any babies here our 110% attention and training.



Contact me if you're interested in our future Barbet litters! Please send your puppy survey via email and once I have read over it we can talk about future litters and potential breedings.

Mikayla S.

Thank you for your interest in our puppies! Once we have been in contact we ask for a  $100 deposit to hold your spot on our waiting list.

Feel free to reach out to us for more info on upcoming & current litters or to be added to our waiting list.









As of spring 2018 we are asking that no visitors are to be allowed in our nursery.


We want to make sure that we are taking the right steps to ensure we send home happy healthy puppies. There are several k-9 viral diseases that can be passed on from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact. They can be passed in the feces or vomit of an infected dog. They can be brought into your yard on the tires of your car, on your feet, or simply on your clothing after petting an infected dog. They can be passed from yard to yard by birds carrying the disease or by people going "kennel-hopping" and carrying the virus on their clothing or shoes. It is impossible for you or I to know what is lurking on your clothing, and for this reason we have decided to keep puppy buyers out of our nursery, and welcome them into our home. Puppies are at their most vulnerable before 8 weeks and even after. So it is very important for us to be careful to ensure that we are able to welcome babies and also keep them healthy to send home to your beautiful families!


We want to make sure that our puppies are safe from these diseases so we ask that we have NO VISITORS until the date of pick up.

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