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It's been awhile...

It's been a little bit since I've posted here on the blog! Going on 2 years of silence on this page... That seems like it needs to change.

A LOT has happened since the beginning of 2017. We have grown in ways unimaginable, our children have grown physically, our knowledge has grown immensely, and our love for our tribe has grown in ways we never thought possible.

In 2017 we experienced not one, but two c-section deliveries. We suffered through mamas not producing milk and were forced to bottle feed a litter of fighters. But we also had so many more blessings than we did sufferings! Being a breeder has done nothing but grow our family closer together in times of good and bad. It is a lifestyle that I don't see us ceasing anytime soon. We truly enjoy welcoming babies of excellent temperament and caliper into our home to one day possibly join yours. We are so honored to be sending home babies to such beautiful families.

This spring looks extremely different than the latter. Last spring we had little breeding plans let alone current litters. This spring we have welcomed 3 happy healthy litters and all praise and glory to God for blessing us with such sweet babies! We welcomed 6 babies from sweet Cheeze, 7 babies from darling Trisket, and 3 babies from her sister Patti. Needles to say we rang in the New Year with lots of excitement and joy. We so love all of our playful little babies and hope you really enjoy seeing them here on our website and on our instagram as well.

I would love to start blogging about common pet issues and sharing our knowledge on both Pembroke + Cardigan Welsh Corgis from the owner/breeder stand point. Stay tuned as I work on future posts for 2019! And if any of you have suggestions for posts or questions please reach out to me!

Lots of love!

Mikayla S

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